Mare d.o.o. offers boat storage services and transportation of boats, trailers, and camper homes in the Kvarner region.
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“Secure storage for your vessel – Winter storage and transport services!!! Your partner on the journey to the perfect sailing experience!”


In the world of maritime adventures, we understand the importance of taking care of your vessel during the winter months. Our company is dedicated to providing top-notch boat winterization and transportation services, allowing you to relax and entrust your vessel to the experts. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, we ensure that your boat remains in excellent condition throughout the entire winter season.


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Let your boat winter with us, and entrust the journey to your new destination to us. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Sailing with You According to Your Needs. Flexibility in boat transportation that follows your rhythm!

Experienced Team of Experts

Experienced team of experts for premium winterization and transportation of your vessel!.

Reliable and Safe Transport

Safe transport, smooth sailing. Your trust, our responsibility!!

Flexible Pricing

Flexible prices, premium service!


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The company Mare d.o.o., within the framework of the vessel storage facility, also provides domestic (urban and intercity) and international transportation of boats and vehicles. We conduct transportation using trailers exclusively designed for boats and vehicles, equipped with specialized equipment for vessels up to 8 meters in length. Our winter storage services, as well as the transportation of boats and vehicles, are carried out in a secure, fast, professional, and high-quality manner, at the most favorable prices. Payment is possible with all major credit cards.

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How we work

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Initial Contact

Our team will initiate the initial contact with you to understand your needs and goals. This conversation helps us gather key information about your vessel that will be crucial throughout the entire process


Data Collection

Gathering information about your vessel is crucial to ensure the best care and tailor our services to your needs. Our thorough approach to collecting information ensures that we have a comprehensive understanding of your vessel’s characteristics, enabling us to provide high-quality services.


Service Selection

Consider the specific needs of your vessel, including size, type, weight, and any special transportation and winterization requirements. Determine the desired transportation route and destination. Ask questions and express your requirements. Choosing the right service for the transportation and winter storage of your vessel is a crucial step toward ensuring its safety and integrity.



Our result is your complete satisfaction and the safety of your vessel. Our care doesn’t end after transportation or winter storage. We continue with regular inspections and maintenance to ensure that your vessel remains in excellent condition for future voyages. The ultimate outcome of our work is a comprehensive service that exceeds expectations and leaves you worry-free about the safety and well-being of your vessel.