The boat winter storage is organized on standardized berths with a capacity for 50-70 vessels, featuring 24-hour surveillance and the option to monitor your boats online.


We offer the possibility of transportation with a modern truck and trailers specialized for boat transport. The ability to transport multiple boats simultaneously, up to a size of 8m. We possess permits for the special transport of oversized boats and cargo.


As part of our boat winter storage, we offer the possibility to service your vessel by authorized service technicians for inboard and outboard engines. We provide Gelcoat repairs and plasticization (polyester, epoxy). Our skilled and trained staff offers all services for Gelcoat repairs and plasticizing damaged parts of the vessel. We also offer services for the production of new stainless steel railings, repairs, or adjustments to existing stainless steel railings.


A complete range of nautical equipment from world-renowned manufacturers such as Vetus, Polyform, Maxwell, and others, with the option of installation.


If you are experiencing issues with electrical installations, we can solve the problem with our professional staff.

Boat Winter Storage Benefits

Boat winter storage members are provided with access to modern restroom facilities and showers, as well as complimentary wireless internet during their stay in the winter storage. 24-hour surveillance of vessels is in place, with the option to monitor boats online.

Useful Information

Boat Transport


Useful information during boat transport includes its width, height, and weight, which must not be exceeded as they are subject to strict penalties.


The allowed total height must not exceed 4m, and the width should not go beyond 2.55m. Larger dimensions are subject to special permits and additional restrictions during transport.


During boat preparation, it is crucial to remove equipment or parts that may fall off or damage the vessel during transport, posing a safety risk on the road. When loading the boat onto the trailer, care should be taken to respect the maximum load on the hitch, which must not exceed 75kg. Secure the boat with straps to prevent slipping off the trailer during sudden braking or climbing steep inclines.

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